Police Cars

TW5 Police Car

Engine FULL customizable
Turbo, Nitros, Fly Mode
Real Life streaming police radio stations
Engine KCP
High definited


Conxerto Police Car

Working GPS
Working Police Radio
Engine KCP 5.1
Interactive Lightbar
Sounds, animations,Nitros,Turbo


Galilei 407 IT Polizia Stradale

Engine FULL customizable
Turbo, nitros, hud
Driver Position Set-up/positioning
with popup menu
Realistic sounds and animations


TW5 London Metropolitan Police

100% Mesh

FEATURES: engine full customizable, lock/unlock, group mode, park mode setup. Driver Position Set-up/positioning with popup menu, no coding required. Super low-lag and automatically scales many performance settings, menu-driven control over most perform settings, include burnout, adjustable nitrous boost, flight activation, flight mode with effects, Menu configurable settings such as automatic or manual gears. Driver and passenger sit positioning. Passenger eject - Passenger ON / OFF . Pose selections from menu system for driving pose, idle, park, and reverse gear pose. Locked / Unlocked Mode. Menu driven camera adjustment system with dual memory locations Menu gives out a customizable car manual on demand. Drag Race Mode: a very special high speed racing mode that can be turned on/off through the car's menu. KCP Engine v4.1